Microblading is a meticulous process where a special microblading pen is used to draw on individual hair-like strokes, one by one, on the eyebrows. This proveds a natural look for your eyebrows.

Lash Extensions is an exciting new way to extend the length and thinkness of your natural eyelashes. Single strands of curved, synthetic eyelashes are applied to your natural lashes, one by one, for a natural, beautiful and luscious look.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions is a way to lengthen your hair by using human or synthetic hair.

We only use human hair as its more natural and allows you to perm, color, and flat-iron for different styles.

Hair Extensions: Methods used are:

Fusion – the hair extension tip is a square-shaped keratin protein bond. This tip is solid until melted with the Hair Extension Tool. The stylist takes a small section of hair that is equal to the hair extension strand and places the bond over the section. The small plates at the end of the Melting Connector melt and soften the bonds. The stylist uses her fingers to mold and shape the melted keratin around the hair. When it cools, the keratin hardens again, creating a sealed, durable bond.

I-Tip – Single Strand Micro Link – the terms stick tip/i-tip/micro are used interchangeably, but do essentially refer to the same thing, with the exception of “micro loop” which is often also associated with this type of fitting. The method gets its name from the shape of the hair extension bond, which could be compared to the end of a shoelace, where a hard cylinder shape is found of the top of each strand to allow the hair extension to be inserted into its fixture to stay in place. Depending on what you have read online, where you have done your training, or friends who have had hair extensions fitted, you will find a lot of confusion regarding whether micro ring hair extensions are the same as stick tip or i-tip, and the short answer to think would be yes, with the exception of a “micro-loop”.

Tape-in – Tape in hair extensions are thin tape wefts, 1 inch wide pre-taped hair wefts, that get “taped-in” in between your own hair in “sandwich” like bonds… This method is 100% natural, requires no tools or chemicals, and lasts up to three months – and the hair is reusable!

Beaded Weft - Beaded wefts are a hybrid between s sew-in weave and fusion i-tip extensions. This method is also one of the safest being that no heat, braiding, or sewing is needed! Small strands of your natural hair are looped through the micro rings on the weft, and then attached using hair extension pliers. Braidless Weave (micro-links) – A braidless sew-in is a technique that allows hair extensions to be applied to the hair without the natural hair being braided down as a base. One safe way to achieve a braidless sew-in is by using micro-links. Using a silicone bead and pulling a small section of hair through the bead, before it is clamped with special pliers. Once the bead has been clamped, it gives a firm hold on the hair, preventing the bead from sliding up and down the hair. The beads create a base for the hair extensions (bundles) to be sewn down, and then sew the tracks through the micro-links and sew the natural hair to the track hair.



Fusion $200.00

I-tip single strand micro-link $170.00

Tape-in extensions $100.00

Beaded weft (single & triple strand secured) $150.00

Single braids
Uninstall $50.00
Jumbo $100.00
Medium $120.00
Small/ Micro $140.00+

Uninstall $30.00
Braidless $150.00
Sew in:
With leave out $110.00
With closure $120.00
With frontal $130.00

Tracks $80.00

Boxer braids $60.00
Feed In $80.00+
Cornrows & Braids mix $100.00

Faux Goddess Locs $80.00

Crochet $100.00

Senegalese Twist
Medium $120.00
Small $150.00

Wig Install $70.00

Locs Maintenance $80.00+

***prices are installation only (price of hair not included)


Microblading (Free first touch up, 4 weeks) $250.00

Microblading touch up $150.00

Classic Lashes

Full set $95.00

Fill $75.00

Gel Nails

New set $65.00

Fill $55.00

Gel Polish $35.00

Swarovski crystal & other charms cost extra